PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Occupy Pittsburgh protesters were back in court today facing BNY Mellon.

An injunction was filed earlier this month to evict the protesters from the BNY Mellon Green, but the legal battle continues.

After refusing to leave the downtown park, the legal process is moving forward to evict members of the Occupy Pittsburgh movement.

After a brief status hearing this morning, the Occupy Pittsburgh protesters chanted and rallied, making it known that the fight to occupy continues.

“Today was just another day in this struggle,” said one protester. “Whether Occupy Pittsburgh gets evicted or not, you don’t win in a courtroom – that’s not where power comes from. It comes from all of us standing together.”

Occupiers were told they had to be out of the park by Dec. 11. When they refused to leave, BNY Mellon filed an injunction to remove them by way of the law.

While the excitement outside drew attention, no decisions were actually made inside the courtroom today. However, neither party is backing down.

Occupy Pittsburgh who set up at Mellon Green Park in October, had previously renamed the park, “The People’s Park,” and said that BNY Mellon should be evicted.

Protesters said they stand by their movement and plan to stay put.

The judge and both parties agreed on a court date, scheduling for Jan. 10 to move the proceedings forward.

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