WASHINGTON, Pa. (KDKA) — East Washington Police Officer John David Dryer is the third officer in Pennsylvania to be killed in the line of duty this year – the second in this area.

Hundreds of police officers from Pennsylvania and surrounding states came to honor Officer Dryer, who dedicated his life to serving the community.

It’s estimated that up to 1,000 police vehicles participated in Friday’s procession.

First Sgt. Scott Trice with the Maryland State Police considers coming to the funeral as part of his duty.

“Just to honor another police officer that’s fallen,” he said. “We always send a contingent to anywhere we can.”

Officer Dryer was like many local officers who work part-time for various departments. They work long hours and earn little pay.

“They’re out here doing the same job we are,” an officer said. “Unfortunately, they’re getting less money and no benefits and, you know, it’s a shame that, you know, somebody of his caliber is in this situation right now.”

“If you talked to the people in the community, he was loved in the community,” another officer added.

“He touched everybody a little bit with his time – volunteer firefighter, EMS, the Game Commission, the different police departments that he worked with and there’s a lot of people that know he is a veterinarian. He didn’t have to do all the things that he did. He did community – he was community-oriented.”

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