CLARKSVILLE (KDKA) — The Ozahonish family had their home broken into about seven years ago, so they installed video cameras.

It didn’t prevent another burglary, but it sure gives a good look at the suspects.

When Tracy Ozahonish and her daughter returned to their Greene County home last Thursday, she discovered their home had been burglarized in broad daylight by two men.

“When I shut the alarm off, I looked into our kitchen and saw where there was glass and I saw where the back window was broken out and from there, I grabbed our child and we ran,” she said.

The video shows the men stood outside the home for 20 minutes before breaking in through a rear window.

They had a car, perhaps a Nissan Xterra, but someone drove it away while the men were inside.

They ransacked the home, taking iPods, cameras, jewelry and other items yet unaccounted.

The home is on a sparsely populated street, so there appears to be no witnesses.

“I talked to all the neighbors, we’re all pretty good friends and they saw nothing – nothing at their place was unusual for the day,” Jim Ozahonish said.

Once inside the home, the thieves grabbed everything within a couple of minutes, an indication they’ve done this before.

The Ozashonish family, particularly upset that the thieves ransacked their daughter’s rooms, would like to see this be their last job.

“As a mom, as a dad, we don’t want this to happen to any other parent, to know that their child’s belongings, rooms, it’s been violated,” Tracy said.

Anyone who may recognize the men are asked to contact State police in Waynesburg.

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