PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Christmas has now come and gone, but stores were back open in full force today.

According to the National Retail Federation, an estimated $46 billion worth of merchandise will be returned this year.

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At local stores, it was the unwanted gifts that were already being sent back to the shelves. Shoppers started to crowd the Mall at Robinson to get rid of rejected presents.

“I’m returning a sweatsuit because it’s the wrong size and I plan on doing some more shopping today. And also sneakers that are also the wrong size,” Karen Mansueti said.

On top of all the returning, others were back at stores for the deals.

Sissy Jochmann was one of many shoppers taking advantage of deep discounts, incentives and coupons.

“I saw some needs when I was home over Christmas and I didn’t get that. So, I figured I would use those coupons to come and get the after-Christmas sale,” Jochmann said.

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But it wasn’t just sales and returns bringing people back to the mall. Some went shopping for themselves.

“The gift card for Game Stop was the main reason we came,” Heath Zwigart said.

The National Retail Federation estimated that over $27 billion would be spent on gift cards this holiday shopping season.

For Heath and Zach Zwigart, that meant a nice gift the day after Christmas.

“They were both $50 each and I got three games,” Zwigart said.


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