STONYCREEK TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – No criminal charges will be filed in this case of a Somerset County man who was shot and killed with a bow and arrow.

Back in October, police said Tony Bittinger, 45, was armed with a club when he went to a man’s house and confronted him about his wife.

The incident happened at a home in the 7900-block of Lincoln Highway in Central City, Stonycreek Township.

According to police, they are not filing charges because the man’s actions fall under the Castle Doctrine, which gives homeowners the right to protect themselves.

Lisa and Carl Woolley were still married when she began seeing Bittinger.

The triangle reached its breaking point when Bittinger left a voicemail on his lover’s phone saying he was coming over to put a hole in her husband’s head.

“The victim was upset because she was not returning his phone calls or text messages,” State Police Trooper Joseph Drzal said.

After making the nearly hour-long drive to Woolley’s home with his two brothers, Bittinger stormed to the porch wielding a 32-inch club.

That’s when Carl Woolley went inside to get his bow and arrow, shooting Bittinger in the chest. Bittinger died before paramedics arrived.

“From witness statements, yes, there were threats and he was intoxicated and basically out of control,” Trooper Drzal said.

Somerset County District Attorney Jerry Spangler announced at a news conference Tuesday he would not pursue criminal charges.

The decision was based on the revised Castle Doctrine which gives people increased rights to protect themselves in and around their home.

“Revisions to the statute expand the concept of what a dwelling is to include attached porches, attached decks, attached patios and actually to occupied vehicles under certain circumstances,” explains Spangler, “so you have no duty to retreat – you can stand and defend yourself.”

Sources tell KDKA-TV the Woolleys are no longer living in the home where the deadly confrontation took place and have since filed for divorce.

Earlier this week, Lisa Woolley wrote on her Facebook page: “Merry Christmas Tony i miss u so bad. I just wish heaven had a phone so I could hear ur voice again …”

“ …. no1 wanted us 2gether but we fought 4 our love and it made our love stronger i promise u ill love u eternity u will never be 4gotten Tony.”


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