PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Frustrated homeowners are continuing to voice their many concerns today about the recent property reassessments.

Some have seen their property values triple since the last assessment.

Only City of Pittsburgh and Mount Oliver residents have their assessments so far. The rest of Allegheny County will get their assessments after March 1.

More than 100 property owners were in attendance at a meeting this morning at the Sheraden Senior Center.

Although Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl says the city will not raise taxes and will stay revenue neutral, that doesn’t guarantee that anyone’s taxes will stay the same.

When you add the county’s recent increase and expected increases from many school districts, most residents’ taxes will go up.

At this morning’s meeting, people said that their home values have increased unrealistically in what is a depressed economy.

“I can’t afford to keep paying you, and I can’t afford to keep paying your politician pockets, so when does this stop?” said Bob Rosato, a City of Pittsburgh resident. “When does everybody get a break in life? You tax me for everything, even when I die you tax me.”

There’s likely to be a lot of appeals because many are saying their homes have been ridiculously over-assessed.

The assessments are based on purchase price, comparable sales and any recent appraisal.

Matt Barone, a private appraiser, says his phone has been ringing off the hook.

“I’m told that an appraisal carries the most weight … with the hearing officer,” he said.

When doing assessments, county assessors did not go into any houses and spent three to five minutes evaluating houses and plugged the data into a computer.

Barone says private appraisers can give a more accurate reading of comparable sales because they go into houses to see if they are comparable.

“And I don’t think that all valuation models – all mass valuation models have the ability to do that,” he said.

Informal Appeal:
Deadline for City of Pittsburgh & Mount Oliver residents: January 13
Phone Number: 412-350-4600
Website: apps.alleghenycounty.us/InformalReviews

Formal Appeal:
Phone Number: 412-350-4600
Website: www.alleghenycounty.us/opa/aforms.aspx

Homeowners Irate Over Property Assessments
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