COLLIER TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Collier Township police say an elderly man won’t be facing any charges after his car rammed into the side of a local Kmart store this morning and caused some damage.

The accident happened around 8 a.m. at the Kmart on Washington Pike in Collier Township near Bridgeville.

Collier police have identified the driver as 83-year-old Eugene Falvo.

“I was in the rear of the store,” said Steve Kulback, the manager of the Kmart. “My service desk associates saw all of our fixturing just go off the wall, apparently he hit pretty good.”

Falvo was pulled from his Nissan Sentra. Police say he had no idea what happened after the accident.

Kulback said the damage will require some repairs, but the building seems to be fine.

“Other than getting it patched up and getting it fixed eventually, we should be all right, no problem,” he said.

KDKA has learned that Falvo has had problems when it comes to his driving.

DMV records show that on Nov. 17, Falvo failed his driving eye test. Then, on Dec. 6, he would fail a refresher road test only on Dec. 21 to take it again and fail it a second time.

Meanwhile, police say the lot has had some bad luck recently.

The cite three occasions in the last 18 months, counting today’s, in which a motorist drove into a building, including one into the front of the Chuck E. Cheese, and another in which a student driver slammed into the front of the DMV center.

According to police, there was a fourth incident in which a man, suffering from Alzheimer’s, drove across the parking lot, out of control. The only thing that kept him from driving into a building was a cement walkway, which ripped the front axle out of his car upon impact.

As for Falvo, he was taken to St. Clair Hospital and is expected to be fine.

No other injuries were reported.

“Right inside is our children’s department, and it could have very easily had mothers and children shopping there,” said Kulback. “So yeah, it could always be worse. We’re very fortunate that it happened at this time.”

Collier Township police say Falvo won’t face charges, but they plan to take the necessary steps through the DMV to revoke his license.

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