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When you think tailgating, you think fried, sauced and meaty heaven, but there’s another important part of tailgating that you can’t forget – team spirit. I’m not talking pom-poms and high-kicks; you must have team shirts, hats, signs and most of all, the attitude. Hold your head high like you’re one of the big guns running out of the locker room and onto that dewy field. I want to hear cheers, screaming and team chants. After a really good tailgate, you should wake up in the morning with no voice, a full belly and maybe a chicken bone or two in your glove compartment.

Now some folks can go extreme – I’m talking full body paint, crazy wigs, and once I even saw a dude in a cheerleader skirt! To each his own, but here’s some of my personal “don’ts” when it comes to team spirit:

  • Full body paint on game day is one thing. Shaving your team’s logo in chest hair is another… good thing football season doesn’t overlap with beach weather.
  • Do not choose permanent spray paint when “sprucing” up your car with team spirit; and do not try to convince your wife that now it’s the coolest car on the block.
  • Keep it friendly, folks. You don’t want to be the one taunting the other side when that big guy in row F comes your way.
  • As much as you wish you could run out onto the field to help score that winning touchdown… don’t do it. Trust me on this one.

Want more tailgating advice? I have full intentions on spreading this bit of wisdom and more as I visit football stadiums across the country with Prilosec OTC to search for the best of the best in “A Better Way to Tailgate” challenge. Enter HERE to win in one of three categories: 1). Food Served, 2). Tailgate Set-Up and 3). Team Spirit. All entries must include a tailgate photo. Note the “Food Served” category also requires a recipe submission. In addition to game day tickets, other prizes include the ultimate tailgate gear. To view the official contest rules, click here: www.tailgatechallenge.com.

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