UNIONTOWN (KDKA) — Authorities have issued an arrest warrant for a Fayette County teenager who is accused of choking and attacking his pregnant girlfriend and two friends who tried to come to the young woman’s aid over the weekend.

State police have identified the suspect as Alexander Huffman, 18, of Uniontown.

Huffman allegedly assaulted his girlfriend, 20-year-old Samantha Fagan, early Sunday morning at the home that they shared at The Village of Searights in Menallen Township.

Fagan told police she and Huffman were arguing about his drinking.

“The information that we received is in regards to the live-in girlfriend, that he shoved, pushed and hit her in the face with a computer router which is the basis for the charges,” State Trooper Scott Krofcheck said.

Huffman also allegedly then attacked two other people who tried to intervene. He took off before police arrived.

Fagan was taken to Uniontown Hospital for treatment. She has since been released. The baby is expected to be okay.

Back in November, Huffman was charged with simple assault and harassment after another argument with his girlfriend earlier in her pregnancy. Those charges were later dropped.

The most recent incident has neighbors calling for more security.

“I think they need to surveillance more of people that’s being in here because it’s just terrifying,” Roxanne Childers, a neighbor, said.

Anyone with information on Huffman’s whereabouts is asked to call Pennsylvania State Police at 412-439-7111.

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