CLAIRTON (KDKA) — A suspect is in custody following a SWAT situation in Clairton.

Police say Edwin Wylie Biggs walked away from Renewal Inc., a half-way house, and had been on the run. He was spotted going into a girlfriend’s home on Third Avenue.

At that point, Sheriff’s deputies responded and they say Biggs initially refused to surrender. They say his girlfriend and a small child were inside.

“Stated he did have a gun, said he was going to shoot – and he did have hostages – and he was going to shoot everybody inside,” Allegheny County Police Sgt. Douglas Clark said.

“At this time, we immediately called Allegheny County SWAT and during the time whenever we were waiting for Allegheny County SWAT, we got actually continued negotiation with Mr. Biggs inside his house.

“Myself and the actor’s father talked to him at length trying to make himself surrender and concerned for the safety of himself and the people inside.”

Biggs then surrendered. Police did not find a gun inside the house. No one was hurt.

Biggs was taken to the Allegheny County Jail.

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Lynne Hayes-Freeland