PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Lawyers for a Mt. Lebanon teenager who was found guilty of attacking his girlfriend with a hammer back in 2007 wants his conviction overturned.

The family of Robertino DeAngelis has fought against his conviction just as hard as the family of Sarah DeIuliis has fought for his conviction.

The Pa. Superior court will decide if DeAngelis got a fair trial.

DeAngelis’ new attorney, Daniel Silverman, argued that his client’s conviction should be thrown out in part because DeAngelis’ former attorney did not present and the presiding judge did not consider character evidence on DeAngelis’ attack.

Silverman did not speak to reporters Tuesday.

Joe DeIuliis, the victim’s father, stands by the trial judge.

“All that we’ve received in the entire process in the courts is Judge Clark’s ruling which is the correct ruling – attempted homicide was how she found the defendant committed – there’s nothing that really changes any of that,” he said. “The facts are very strong. As Judge Clark said, it was overwhelming evidence.”

There’s no word yet on when a ruling will come down.

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