PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The last round of Port Authority cuts were called draconian.

The next round, which is currently being explored, would cut even deeper. It would be the largest in the Port Authority’s 48-year history.

Along with the elimination of routes, 600 jobs are in jeopardy.

Now, news of the Port Authority’s proposal is spreading fast at bus stops across the region.

“I think it’s a shame because everyone uses the bus to get to work,” said Charles Reardon, of Pittsburgh’s North Side. “I mean, there is probably more people in this city that ride the bus than have cars.”

If the plan is approved, all of the current bus and rail routes would be scaled back.

One hundred municipalities or neighborhoods would lose all transit service. Among them are Braddock Hills, Elizabeth, Forest Gills, Manchester, Moon, North Fayette, North Versailles, Trafford, Turtle Creek and Verona.

“I’d be in big trouble,” said Brandi Morrissey, of Reserve Township. “I would have serious consequences. It’s not even a want at this point, it’s a need, so yeah, I’d be in a bad spot.”

Riders say they aren’t only worried about the proposed cuts, but also the rate increases. They say it’s already more expensive to ride the bus here than in many other cities.

“The fact that they want to go and make it even more expensive… I mean you have to get a higher wage job, just to make your own commute is a shame really,” Reardon said.

Fares would jump 25 cents in Zone 1, which would take the total to $2.50. Zone 2 riders would have to dish out 50 cents more for a total of $3.75.

“Why keep taking away from the little man who is pinching the pennies, trying to make what little money they have to feed and keep their household, it’s very disheartening,” Tyrone Kitchen, of Pittsburgh, added.

If the Port Authority has its way, the hike would go into effect July 1. The cuts would come in September.

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