PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Super Bowl XLVI kicks off Sunday in Indianapolis between the New York Giants and New England Patriots.

However, commercials are already being cranked out in preparation for kickoff.

Even though the Steelers are not in this year’s Super Bowl, they say they are going to play the game in Indianapolis nonetheless.

For advertisers, they say this is their time to shine.

Familiar faces are back, like the E-Trade baby who now plays the best man.

At $3.5 million per 30 second spot, even Super Bowl veteran Coca-Cola utilizes its logo and interactive polar bears talking about the game as it happens.

However, Honda may be rolling the dice with its spot that features a grown-up Matthew Broderick reliving his days as Ferris Bueller.

The full three-minute commercial mirrors the 1986 cult favorite comedy. The question is, will it play with generations who never saw the original?

Rival Chevrolet is also turning to comedy to sell its new Camaro.

The Chevrolet spot is really fully especially seeing as the parents put the big red bow on a dorm refrigerator for their son instead of the yellow car.

Exactly how well that money is spent is determined by how memorable the spots are with viewers and it could take weeks to determine which ones are the real winners on Super Sunday.


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