PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Country music singer Sarah Marince is belting out a successful career in Nashville.

However, the Pittsburgh-native is also sharing a heartfelt message.

You may know her from Eat’n Park commercials, but she’s an even bigger hit with families of children with disabilities.

When Miracle Field was christened north of Pittsburgh couple years back, she had a very special reason to lend her voice.

The national campaign is called “Spread The Word To End The Word”. The “R” word in this case is “retarded.”

Currently, she is back home to visit and to share her message.

She spoke with Kristine Sorensen on Pittsburgh Today Live Tuesday morning.

“We’re creating awareness that this is hurtful. And so we’re not knocking them down for saying the word, we’re just saying, “Hey, it hurts a little bit when you use this. Maybe it’s a little offensive to the family or offensive to somebody with a disability,’” Marince said.

Sarah learned to sing early in life and she also learned to speak up for the brother she loves.

“Pledge your support. Spread the word to end the word,” Marince said.


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