PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — One of the President’s top economic advisers was in town Wednesday.

United States Department of Commerce Secretary John Bryson said he’s excited about the economic growth happening right here in Pittsburgh.

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An example of that growth is Aquion Energy in Lawrenceville. It’s a company centered on battery technology.

“We’ve had a number of high profile guests come through this facility in the last year,” said Jay Whitacre, of Aquion Energy. “Every time it happens, it reminds me of how much on the radar not only is Pittsburgh but also energy technology, and how something that starts really small can make a difference.”

Secretary Bryson spent about an hour checking out the facility, touring and talking about the need for trained, skilled manufacturers.

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“It just drives home to me that we really need – as a country and as an educational process in this country – to have more… to encourage manufacturing and the importance of manufacturing,” Whitacre said.

After the stop in Lawrenceville, the secretary traveled to Carnegie Mellon University, and met with community and business leaders in the Gates Center for Computer Science.

“I’ve come to Pittsburgh many times over the last 20 years for various reasons, and I love being here and I love what I find here,” said Bryson.

The focus of the discussion was job creation, something the secretary says Pittsburgh is on top of. Bryson says this area’s unemployment numbers continue to improve.

“We break the norm and find ways to get to new places, new technology, new things to be done, and that is a special quality of leadership,” said Bryson.

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