INGRAM (KDKA) – The medical examiner has determined that the Ingram man found dead in his home, buried among mounds of trash and junk he had been collecting for years, died from heart disease.

It took emergency crews more than four hours to dig through tons of trash to locate and remove the body of 90-year-old Stanley Bialowas.

Professional organizer Doria Sadisky says Bialowas was a classic hoarder.

“What they do is they continue to collect things that are worthless, hazardous, unsanitary. It doesn’t make any sense; to them it does, but not to anyone else.”

His house had no heat or running water, and Bialowas was often seen sleeping in his truck and using public restrooms to wash up.

“If you live next to somebody that’s a hoarder, you can call, anonymously even – call a senior center,” said Sadisky.

The outcome came as little surprise to neighbors.

They said Bialowas always refused offers of help and received little or no attention from his family. Neighbors are now hoping that the borough will demolish the property as quickly as possible.

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Ingram Man Found Dead In House Filled With Junk