HEMPFIELD TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — A dog and her 1-week-old puppies were found abandoned on the side of the road today in Westmoreland County, but the puppies and their mother have some compassionate people to thank for their second chance at life.

The seven puppies were clinging to each other, trying to keep warm in the cold, February air while their mother nervously pranced nearby.

Workers from Hempfield Township just happened to be driving by the old Sony plant in Youngwood when they saw something moving on the side of the road.

Upon closer look, they spotted the dog and her puppies abandoned and lying on a pile of straw.

“It’s horrible because I know our shelter would never turn away a litter of puppies,” said Janet Dillon, a Humane Society police officer. “It’s ridiculous.”

No one knows who left them there, but the workers weren’t going to allow the furry family to be abandoned again.

It was nothing but wagging tails when the Humane Society of Westmoreland County showed up.

“For them to even notice; they just saw some movement and they pulled in which is fantastic,” said Dillon. “With this snow coming down, I don’t know that they’d have made it their eyes aren’t even open.”

The township workers didn’t want to talk on camera, but their compassion speaks louder than words. One of them plans to adopt a puppy when it’s finally time.

“We told him give us six weeks until the puppies are old enough, and then maybe he’ll have a new puppy,” Dillon said.

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