PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A team of local photographers has created a new website called Feel Like Going On that continues the work of the late photographer Teenie Harris.

Harris snapped thousands of positive pictures of the black community for the Pittsburgh Courier over a span of five decades.

Ervin Dyer and Monica Haynes started the project in partnership with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette to make their community “feel like going on” and honor the legacy of Harris.

“In the daily paper, we saw a lot of images of crime and black people as athletes and that was the predominate image,” said Dyer. “So the project Feel Like Going On came out of our efforts to want to recreate, or show people that the world that Teenie Harris chronicled had not disappeared.”

Dyer hopes that the images they capture today will have the same impact and continue to tell stories that do not make papers’ headlines.

“These images become a part of history and will be accessible always, to tell the story of how the people were living. We want them to see something that will be encouraging and uplifting – something that will make them feel like going on,” said Dyer.

Feel Like Going On
Teenie Harris Archive

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