BEAVER FALLS (KDKA) — Beaver Falls home owner Keith Beatty was seriously injured while serving with the National Guard in Iraq. His troubles didn’t end when he came home.

“The main service line had shorted out right here and caused a fire in the basement,” he says, gesturing to the corner of his house.

Damage was heavy, but reinforcements came to his rescue. Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 862 has teamed up with the Home Depot Foundation to rebuild his home and his life.

The sound of hammers and power saws are heard as volunteers climb ladders and pound siding into place.

“We took the guidance of the experts from Home Depot,” says Chapter 862 Treasurer Larry Googins.

Materials provided by Home Depot of Chippewa, coupled with labor, would cost an estimated $50,000-plus. The wounded warrior who lives here won’t have to pay a cent.

“I’m able to just stay, have everything on the first floor,” Beatty says. I’m going to be able to have a laundry room, handicap accessible bathroom. They’ve just definitely made life easy.”

Keith Beatty’s injuries forced him to give up careers as police detective, and volunteer fire fighter. So in a sense, this is payback for all his years of service.

“They’ve made my house a home.”

Home Depot Foundation
Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 862