PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A woman who says she was victimized by Pittsburgh Police Officer Adam Skweres is telling her story.

He is accused of soliciting sexual favors, but one woman says it went further than that.

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The woman, described as Victim No. 4, is a young mother. It was her phone call to the FBI 10 days ago that got Skweres arrested.

Detectives were convinced he was dangerous and that he had to be arrested immediately.

“It scares me a lot,” she said.

Marty Griffin: “Why?”

Victim No. 4: “Because I think if he was capable of what he did to me already then he could do more.”

The woman is afraid that if Pittsburgh Police Officer Adam Skweres gets released from jail, he could come after her again.

“He needs to stay in jail,” she said.

Marty Griffin: “For how long?”

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Victim No. 4: “Forever if it was up to me because he’s obviously a sexual predator.”

According to police, Victim No. 4 was sexually assaulted by Skweres, standing in her home in full uniform on February 11.

“My heart was racing and I was telling him to, you know, I wouldn’t give in to his requests,” she said.

She said Skweres placed his hand on his gun. She was convinced he was willing to use it.

“It’s like the worst feeling in the world, just scared to death,” she said. “My heart was pounding and I was just scared.”

Marty Griffin: “Did you think you could die?”

Victim No. 4:

Attorneys representing the woman say Skweres should have been taken off the streets when Victim No. 1 came forward four years ago.

“Something should have been done,” Attorney Ken Fryncko said. “We’re better than to let anyone slip through the cracks and that’s what happened here.”

Skweres was expected to be released from jail Tuesday, but Judge Jeffrey Manning ordered a mental evaluation.

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