By David Highfield

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A police chase Tuesday night ended when the driver jumped from a moving car and allowed it to crash.

It happened in Pittsburgh’s Marshall-Shadeland neighborhood on Woodlawn Avenue.

Police say after the man bailed, the silver Mercedes smashed into someone else’s parked SUV.

Renee Kinsey says she was on a nearby front porch when the man jumped out.

“All of sudden this silver car came rolling down the street real slow, and the doors open, and the guy hops out and starts running,” said Kinsey. “The car keeps on rolling, ends up hitting that car over there!”

Police had been chasing the car for less than a mile because they say the driver was speeding and unwilling to pull over.

After the driver bailed, officers with flashlights combed the ground for clues.

Unsure of what was going on, Kinsey and others ran when they heard loud noises they thought were gunshots.

“We were all running! We were scared for our lives,” said Kinsey. Police, however, say that no shots were fired, and they probably heard them breaking the car’s window to get inside.

Officers detained a man for a short time a few blocks away because he was sweating profusely and matched the description of the suspect. Police later let him go.

Police say the car has not been reported stolen, and they’re working to find out who was behind the wheel. They also say they found a sizable amount of cash inside the vehicle.

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