BEAVER FALLS (KDKA) — A local college is the latest to sue the federal government over the mandate that requires employers to pay for contraceptives, including morning after pills.

Geneva College, founded 164 years ago by the Reformed Presbyterian Church, continues to adhere to its religious foundati0n, even offering prayer before students take a test.

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The college became the sixth in the country to sue the Obama Administration over new rules that would require the school’s insurance plans to offer contraception and drugs to abort pregnancies, though Geneva is not against the contraception rules.

“That’s not what it’s about,” Geneva College President Ken Smith said. “We have students and employees who are concerned that that’s what we’re tackling. That is not the issue. The issue is abortion. The issue is the requirement of the government that we violate a religiously-held position.”

In meetings with President Smith, hundreds of students expressed support for the school standing up for its beliefs.

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“It’s the belief of preserving life as well and I support the college and proud to be a student at Geneva College,” Sophia Payson, a student, said.

Some people told KDKA-TV they didn’t think the college should take up the political banner of conservatism, but did not want to speak on camera.

Most of the cost of the lawsuit will be taken on by the Alliance Defense Fund, a Christian civil rights group in Washington DC.

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