SCOTTDALE (KDKA) — Two brothers have been arrested and charged in connection with more than 30 vehicle break-ins in Scottdale over the weekend.

Christopher and Dylon Prolenski were questioned by police for hours Thursday night.

They were later taken into custody. Christopher Prolenski, 21, is facing 19 counts of theft and one count of criminal mischief along with other charges in the case.

His 20-year-old brother, Dylon, has been charged with three counts of receiving stolen property.

One of the victims in the case is the family of a 6-year-old boy with cerebral palsy and a brain tumor. The Hixon family found on Monday that their vehicle had been broken into overnight.

“Through this unfortunate chaos that’s been the last week, you know, we’ve finally got some answers and some closure,” said Heather Hixon, the boy’s mother. “And hopefully, we can move on, and Ian can get some help that he certainly deserves.”

Authorities said their $5,000 wheelchair was broken. Also, some medication and medical supplies were either taken or destroyed.

“They denied doing that theft, breaking into that car for quite some time; but when we did the search of the apartment, items from that car were actually found in their apartment and eventually they confessed to that also,” said Chief Barry Pritts, of the Scottdale Police Department.

“Also, there was a bag of medical equipment for the child, that was taken, which was found the next day a couple blocks away from the house,” Chief Pritts added.

Police say Christopher Prolenski has been tied to 32 vehicle break-ins in the Scottdale area.

Meanwhile, Hixon says that some have show true kindness to her son, Ian, through the ordeal.

“I just want to thank Clairview School, too,” she said. “They provided a loaner chair, so he can sit up and watch his cartoons in the morning.”

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