EIGHTY FOUR (KDKA) — With her sad howl, Wendy the dog seems to be pining for her mate.

Casper was a 5-and-a-half-year-old Shina Inu, a Japanese breed related to Akitas.

His 17-pound body was found in the driveway one week ago. He was shot through the heart with a pellet gun. He’s buried behind a nearby shed.

“I don’t know if they meant to kill him or just to hurt him,” says owner Jackie Welch with tears in her eyes, “but I just would like to know why.”

It appears that Casper burrowed under the backyard fence last Tuesday. Within two hours Katie, her sister, Nicole, and their dad found him dead near dinnertime.

“When they picked him up and flipped him over they saw the bullet hole and that’s when they called the police,” Jackie said.

“He was the nicest dog we had,” says 17-year-old Nicole. “He was just so sweet. He never barked or growled or tried to bite anybody.”

The family has had dogs for the 15 years they’ve lived in Eighty Four no complaints.

Casper arrived in this family as a Christmas present.

“Or even if someone would say it was an accident and apologize, I probably wouldn’t be as upset,” Jackie said.

Casper was a part of the family and that family will soon be putting up flyers offering a reward. If you have any information, contact the North Strabane Police Department.

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