PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A few months ago, KDKA-TV told you about massive cuts within the United States Postal Service that would result in the closure of several local branches.

However, some of them have received a reprieve.

When word came out that they were going close some downtown post offices, there was some concern. Now, the U.S. Postal Service has apparently changed their mind.

It was news that hit a few Pittsburgh neighborhoods hard. Some would have seen their local post offices closing as the U.S. Postal Service tightened their budgetary belt nationwide.

“We have 32,000 retail sites across the country it’s simply just too many,” Tad Kelley with the USPS said. “Having that many post offices is simply too cost prohibitive.”

Reprieve came this week when it was announced some post offices set for closure were off the chopping block.

“Some of the offices that we’ve looked at we’ve either halted the study, we’re not going forward with it, we’re not going to have the community meeting for them” Kelley said.

Pittsburgh post offices being saved include:

  • Gateway Station
  • Fourth Avenue in downtown
  • Allegheny Center on the North Side
  • Hazelwood

Also saying open are the ones in Bellevue and Sharpsburg.

A major reason for keeping them open is because of the customers’ views.

“Well, we listened to them in terms of what is the impact their lives?” Kelley said.

“It’s very important to me. I work two jobs. I do my bills. I [have to] mail them out. This is the only place I can do it,” Tim Piett said.

Consolidation of the USPS also means the North Side will be seeing a lot more work as some of the closed facilities send their work there.


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