PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — You may turn to a chiropractor to work out your aches and pains, but would you take your pet for an adjustment?

It’s becoming more and more popular right here in Pittsburgh as a way to relieve pet pain without surgery or medication.

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Jasmine, a 6-year-old black and white cocker spaniel, was diagnosed with back issues after not wanting to move around much.

“She has kind of a princess personality, but she is very sweet and a very happy dog,” said Peggy Burtnett, of Hampton Township.

A veterinarian prescribed muscle relaxers, but that didn’t kick the pain.

So, Jasmine’s owner did some online research and discovered Dr. Dina Livolsi and an alternative to medications and possible surgery down the road.

Livolsi started off as a chiropractor for people, but after a few years of practicing, she says she realized she could also help animals.

“I had a puppy who was injured, bitten in the face by another dog, and took him to the emergency room,” said Dr. Livolsi. “They did everything they could for him, but he had a crush injury to the skull, and I thought what could I do for this little baby, he was only 8-weeks-old.”

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It took Dr. Livolsi about six years to get certified through the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association.

She now adjusts animals, mostly dogs and cats, at Point Breeze Veterinary Clinic.

“A lot of dogs come in to see me for lameness issues, that means they just aren’t walking correctly, often hind end issues with the hips and knees, a lot of hip dysplasia – that is a common term people have heard of,” she said.

The movements are gentle. The number of adjustments depends on the animal and its condition.

Jasmine has been treated about five times, and the dog’s owner says she’s notices a huge difference.

“Sometimes there might be an answer that is not in the medication, and it worked really well with her,” said Peggy Burtnett, of Hampton Township. “I’m real pleased, she is really doing well.”

Sessions run pet owners about $70 each.

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