PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Dozens of Leap Day babies entered the world on Feb. 29th on a busy day at Magee-Womens Hospital.

But will they only have birthdays every four years?

Angela Jackson says she hasn’t made up her mind which day her daughter Julionna will celebrate on the “off years.”

“Either the 28th of February or the first of March,” she said

Which way is she leaning?

“First of March, because my birthday’s in March,” Jackson said.


Meanwhile, Mary Rodriguez says she’ll let her son Tomas make up his own mind.

One Leap Day baby was not born at the hospital. In fact, she took her first big leap of faith into the arms of a firefighter with Engine 22 in Arlington.

On Leap Day morning, Lt. Ryan Haid, Scott MacFarlane, Anthony Herman and Peter Balfe answered a call for a woman in labor at her home on Clover Street.

“When we got there, she was standing behind the couch,” MacFarlane said.

“She told us her water was broken,” adds Lt. Haid.

They had her lie on the living room couch. MacFarlane delivered the baby girl in a matter of minutes.

“I made sure the umbilical cord wasn’t wrapped around the baby’s neck, and then next thing I know the baby was right out in my hands on the couch,” he said.

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