CANONSBURG (KDKA) — It was a disheartening scene; fire hit one of the area’s most iconic and historic candy shops.

After the flames were extinguished, Sarris Candies in Washington County had suffered enough damage that it had to close, but today, the doors opened again and it was a sweet celebration.

It was back on Feb. 3 when most of Western Pennsylvania was shocked to hear that Sarris Candies shop in Canonsburg had caught fire.

But less than a month later, those who rule over the chocolate kingdom have proven that, although there were flames, they haven’t melted.

At 9 a.m. Thursday, there was nothing but sweetness and joy at the Sarris Candies shop.

“It just makes me think happiness when you think of this store,” said customer Barb Paven.

After the destructive fire that had so many worried, Sarris Candies opened its doors again to the community it loves.

“It’s a customer day,” said owner Bill Sarris. “It’s not ours; it’s for the customers today that we’re finally open.”

From the moment the doors were unlocked, the store was filled with customers.

“We do, of course, our Christmas and Easter shopping here,” said Gina Ciminel, another customer.

“Never any doubt at all. We’re proud to be here,” added a Sarris Candies store employee. “Our employees all played an integral part in working together to get the store going and we’re just happy to be back open.”

With all the joy, there were also a few tears because March 1, for the Sarris family, means a lot more than the reopening of their store.

“Today’s the day that my dad passed away two years ago,” said Sarris.

“There’s no coincidence, I think Frank planned it,” said Paven. “If you knew Frank, he planned it.”

The part of the business that was affected by fire was the ice cream parlor on the second floor of the building. But the Sarris family says if everything goes as planned that part of the business will be opened up by June.

Officials said the fire caused about $100,000 in damage.

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