PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Parents in Hazelwood took to the streets this morning to protest what they say are dangerous conditions caused by speeding vehicles.

The traffic coming off the Glenwood Bridge dumps right onto Second Avenue.

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The problem for parents is while they’re trying to get their kids on board the school bus, they say drivers are completely disregarding a 25 mile per hour speed restriction.

While the morning rush got underway Wednesday, Hazelwood parents got in the middle of traffic and told drivers to slow down.

“It’s ridiculous,” said Karen Zeve, a parent. “I’ve almost gotten hit three times with my kids.”

Parents say the thought of them or their kids getting hit by a speeding car is with them every day.

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Several school buses stop at Second Avenue and Glenwood Street, and despite the 25 speed limit, parents and protestors say that restriction is hardly obeyed. And drivers in a rush to get to work are putting their kids’ lives in danger.

“All through Hazelwood, they fly through,” said Zeve. “And it’s not fair to the kids; it’s not fair to the community that lives here.”

“I mean there’s some that just go right through the light. That’s just ridiculous,” said John Cheatham, of Action United. “There needs to be some control at this intersection or someone is [going to] get hurt.”

Even the crosswalk is missing the activation button. What the community would really like to see is a crossing guard posted there every school day.

This is certainly not the last you’ll hear from parents and protestors. At the very least, they’re asking for a traffic study to be done of Second Avenue.

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