PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Gov. Tom Corbett has signed a controversial bill that requires all voters to show identification at the polls.

It’s being called a tough voter identification measure, and it means you’ll have to prove who you are before casting your vote.

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The bill won’t take effect until the fall.

So, if you want to vote in the presidential election, you’ll have to present a photo ID card first – like a driver’s license, college ID or other official identification.

Critics argue the bill puts an undue burden on people without valid ID. And many Pittsburghers were talking about the bill today.

“I agree with it,” said Donna Huntermark, of Reserve Township. “I think people should have to show their ID, show who they are, show that they’re a registered voter in order to vote.”

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“I think it’s a primitive measure designed to reduce the number of voters,” Daniel Simpson, of Pittsburgh, said. “I think it’s idiotic; I think it’s embarrassing to Pennsylvania.”

This all takes effect in the general election Nov. 6. The April 24 Pennsylvania Primary will be treated as a test run, a photo ID will be requested but not required.

But will the new law bring legal challenge; the ACLU says you can count on it.

“It’s going to prevent people from voting,” said Vic Walczak, of the ACLU. “You’re talking about seniors, you’re talking about students; you’re talking about the urban poor, many of whom are racial and ethnic minorities. Those are groups that vote largely Democratic and you got Republicans in all the states where this is being passed who are the ones pushing it. It’s hard not to think that this is about voter suppression.”

Supporters of the law say it will stop voter fraud, but others say there is no such fraud int his state.

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