DRAVOSBURG (KDKA) — In Dravosburg, everyone has a theory about how Ken Konias has evaded capture.

“I think that somebody has helped him all along,” Carol Adams said. “It’s hard to believe you by yourself could get away with all that.”

Or where he might be.

“If I would take guess, I’d say Mexico or Miami or somewhere south,” Ryan Wilds said.

Investigators are still hopeful he’s close by.

“He’s definitely connected to his mother and to this area,” Pittsburgh Police Det. Peg Sherwood said. “Doesn’t have a lot of history with travel, so I’d like to believe he’s still in this area.”

Sherwood confirmed that Konias is bisexual and has trolled internet sites, search engines and alternative newspapers looking for men. But detectives still believe that Konias acted alone.

“We don’t have anything that would lead us to believe that there was another person involved with the homicide and the robbery,” Sherwood said. “Whether Ken has met up with someone after the incident, after he committed the crime and asked them for their help – that may very well be.”

But investigators are looking at the possibility Konias may have committed suicide out of remorse and fear of capture.

“We’ve also considered whether he took his own life because of what he did and got himself involved in, but then again we don’t know that he did that,” Sherwood said.

But if Konias is alive and on the run, it may be because he has $2 million at his disposal and that he always wanted to be a police officer, taking police exams and studying police procedure and now managing to stay at least one step ahead.

Konias may have resources of $2 million, but the local police and the FBI have resources of their own, and they believe in time this mystery will be solved.

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