PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Cathedral of Learning on the University of Pittsburgh’s campus in Oakland has reopened after students and staff evacuated the building this morning over a reported bomb threat.

It was the third time in eight days a threat had been reported at the building; however, nothing dangerous has been found in any of the incidents.

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The bomb threat is believed to have been written on a wall. Some Pitt students have noticed that some doors have been taken off the stalls in the men’s restroom where the threats had been written.

KDKA’s Jon Greiner reports that several students say the incidents are beginning to disrupt their classes and studying routines as they prepare for mid-term exams.

Students say it is time for the prankster to realize the damage he’s causing.

“They don’t have to come forward, but stop making jokes because a bomb threat is a serious matter and to disrupt a campus that has so many great people and does so many great things – just stop,” said Pitt student Christine Cogley.

Some students fear they’ll be numb to the reaction they should have if a crisis does occur.

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“It’s kind of just getting old,” said Pitt student Levi Geyer. “The first time was scary, the second time was scary, but come on, it’s just getting old. I feel like it’s probably going to take away the actual feeling that you should get when there is a bomb threat.”

Although nothing dangerous was found during any of the threats, exams had to be cancelled and rescheduled, work had to be postponed and police were diverted from other duties. Some say if it’s a student doing the threats, he’s wasting everyone’s money.

At this point, it is unclear whether it is the same person writing the threats or if it’s even a student.

Just last week Carnegie Mellon police arrested a man who was pulling fire alarms and he wasn’t a student there.

The Cathedral of Learning was reopened around 11:45 a.m., which was about two hours after the threat was reported.

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