GREENTREE (KDKA) — People staying at a hotel in Greentree were forced to evacuate when smoke and fire broke out there overnight.

Firefighters were called to the Hampton Inn around 3 a.m. for reports of smoke in the building.

According to initial reports, about 100 people were evacuated. Some were in town for an engineering convention.

“We were up inside the computer room working on our resumes for a conference… and we heard the alarms going off,” said Obumneme Nwankwo, one of the evacuated guests. “We didn’t know what it was. We found out it was a fire.”

Officials say the fire is believed to have started somewhere on the third floor, possibly in a stairwell. However, the exact cause has not yet been disclosed.

“I got on the stairs after I heard the alarm and I smelled smoke, so I started running,” Danny Burl, another evacuated guest, said. “At first I really wasn’t panicking, but then I smelled the smoke so I started running downstairs. When I got downstairs, nobody else was down there so I started calling all my classmates.”

Fire crews also brought in aerial trucks to see if any of the smoke was coming from the roof.

No injuries were reported.

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