OAKMONT (KDKA) – Highmark CEO Dr. Kenneth Melani is facing charges following an alleged dispute over another man’s wife.

Police charged Melani after an incident over the weekend in Oakmont. Misdemeanor charges of simple assault and defiant trespass were filed against Melani Wednesday.

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Dr. Melani is accused of having an affair with Melissa Myler, a Highmark employee.

Police say Melani assaulted Myler’s husband.

“The reports are scandalous in nature, correct,” Bob Del Greco, Melani’s attorney, said. “There’s some sordid aspect to it that certainly isn’t flattering.”

Police say the alleged assault happened Sunday night in a cul de sac in Oakmont. It’s the townhouse where Mark and Melissa Myler lived until she moved in with Melani.

The criminal complaint says when police arrived, Melani and Mark Myler were engaged in a verbal argument.

Both had swollen faces and were bleeding. The fight was about Melissa Myler.

According to police, she was hired by Melani in October of 2011.

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They began an affair, but at some point, Melani has a private investigator tail Myler. It caused friction in the relationship and the affair became widely-known at Highmark.

Last Sunday, police say Myler went to the home in Oakmont to speak to her husband, but Melani burst in uninvited. He accused Myler of cheating on him, shouting at her, “It’s all about the money.”

Then the police report says he called her a “slut.”

At this point, Melani’s wife arrives at the scene. Police are able to calm the situation.

Melani is now on unpaid leave from Highmark.

“It’s important for the institution of Highmark, their subscribers as well as Dr. Melani, to absent himself for a couple weeks,” Del Greco said.

Highmark’s board of directors reportedly held an emergency meeting Thursday evening to discuss appointing an interim CEO.

Melani’s preliminary hearing has been scheduled for April 4.

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