PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Fire consumed a two-story wooden frame home in Charleston early Saturday morning.

Nine people died, including Sharday Mcgee’s two daughters, 3-year-old McKenzie and 5-year-old Gabrielle Seals.

“They were happy, normal girls,” she said. “They loved Dora, they loved Disney princesses. My daughters were looking forward to one day going to Disneyland.”

The girls had gone to Charleston with their father to attend an adult birthday celebration. Ms. Mcgee had no hint anything was wrong.

The father, 24-year-old Alex Seals, also died in the fire, so there was no one left to let her know what happened until a fateful call from a detective.

“And he was like, ‘Ma’am, there’s no easy way to tell you this, but your daughters – they were in a fire and they didn’t make it,’” she said.

She says she has no hard feelings toward the father, who also was her best friend; however, she says nobody’s telling her anything, and that she won’t stand for.

“And I miss him with all of my heart and I miss my kids with all of my heart but after the grieving process is done, I expect answers, I expect answers and I’m going to get answers.”

A fund called “Mommy’s Angels” has been established for the girls. You can make contributions at any PNC Bank.

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