BELLEFONTE (KDKA) — There is another hearing in the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse case slated for Thursday.

The defense and prosecution will square off at the Centre County Courthouse in Bellefonte about evidence, witnesses and whether some of the charges should be tossed.

Among the issues raised by the defense is should the charges against Sandusky involving alleged victim No. 2 be thrown out since that boy has never been identified.

It’s alleged that former assistant coach Mike McQueary saw the incident in the showers of the Lasch building and testified about that, but the defense thinks that testimony is not strong enough to support the charge.

The prosecution says it is.

McQueary gave his testimony at a preliminary hearing for former athletic director Tim Curley and former administrator Gary Schultz who downplayed the significance of McQueary’s report to them.

Whether they can help defend Sandusky at his trial is doubtful since they face their own trials and would likely take the Fifth.

“Our key witnesses to impeach Mike McQueary are Gary Schultz and Tim Curley and I suspect their attorneys will advise them to take their Fifth Amendment rights because their charges are still pending,” Joe Amendola, Sandusky’s attorney, said.

The arguments are likely to be the last before the trial which slated to begin in June.

Meantime, an ESPN report surfaced raising questions about politics in the investigation of Jerry Sandusky.

The report quotes a former congressman saying Governor Tom Corbett was less dedicated to pursuing Sandusky and more dedicated to ousting Joe Paterno.

On the Penn State campus, few would speculate on that allegation, but many recalled their own opinion that the delay in pursuing Sandusky after allegations about him years ago raised questions about politics.

“I don’t doubt it one bit and I have four kids that went to the Second Mile myself a couple years ago,” Brittany Moses said. “Fortunately nothing happened to them, but I’m asking the whole time, ‘Where’s the protection for the kids?’”

“As far back as five or six years ago, just general people in the town had been talking about this case, so if it was something that everyone knew about, I feel like the people in the higher places in the government knew about it,” Matt Farley, a Penn State senior, said.

“I don’t think firing Joe on the spot when it all came out was the best idea.”

The ESPN report also quotes the statement Joe Paterno planned to read before the university canceled his press conference.

In it, the report says Paterno was ready to say that Mike McQueary made it clear that what he saw Sandusky and a young boy doing in a shower in the Lasch building was wrong, but made no specific allegations of an identified sexual act.

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