PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The fate of a Husky blamed in the death of a newborn in McKeesport was debated Thursday in court.

“Nikko or Helo is not a dangerous dog,” Ryan Mergl, an attorney, said. “He conducted several tests on the animal, he has extensive experience and based upon all of that it’s his position that this is a tragic accident, perhaps some playful behavior gone wrong.”

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Nikko to one owner – Helo to another. Whatever name you call him, this Husky and his future are the center of a court battle.

A three-day-old baby died after he was bitten by the Husky back in February. Because of that incident, the dog has been classified as dangerous.

The Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office doesn’t want the Husky with a private owner again, but his new owner is trying to get him back and presented testimony in court from a dog expert.

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“He’s very gentle, for instance, taking food from my hands,” John Crosby, a consultant on dog behavior, said.

Crosby showed video of the dog and a photograph of the Husky removing something from his mouth – a sign that he says the dog doesn’t display any aggressive tendencies.

“The injuries to the baby are consistent with as counsel said, play gone wrong, and that’s the tragic thing in this case,” Crosby said.

That’s just the beginning of testimony in this case. The district attorney will present evidence that tells a different side of the story on April 27.

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