PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Point Park University is the latest to campus in Pittsburgh to receive a bomb threat.

Students were evacuated as police with K-9 units combed the downtown campus.

“I don’t know if it’s the same person as Pitt – that would just not really make sense and make the case even more confusing, but it is scary getting a taste of what Pitt is but not really as much,” Lexi Stang, a Point Park sophomore, said.

Students, faculty and police take every threat seriously. In this day and age, they have to.

Students at Point Park say this is their second bomb threat, yet they are still glad it’s not Pitt where it seems bomb threats happen almost every day.

“I feel that we’re kind of lucky compared to Pitt, but it just gonna start getting ridiculous if we’re all – all schools are getting them,” Andrew LeDonne, a freshman, said. “It’s gonna be too dangerous soon.”

“I was starting to hear about Pitt and then it happened here and I was wondering is there some kind of weird conspiracy thing going on with the two schools both so close together having bomb threats,” Lauren Johnson, also a freshman, said. “I didn’t know really what to think about that.”

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