By Paula Ebben, WBZ-TV

PITTSBURGH (CBS) – Among people with jobs, who works harder, men or women? And who’s more honest? A new poll has some surprising results.

“There is a slight advantage to the women that they are putting in longer days than men generally,” says Art Papas of Bullhorn.

The software recruiting firm, Bullhorn, surveyed more than 5,000 workers to get their pulse on the workplace. They found that while 54 percent of women work more than nine hours a day, only 41 of men can make the same claim.

This project didn’t start out about gender however.

Papas says, “We were looking at work habits and out jumps this difference between men and women and their work habits and we were blown away.”

Take working on a vacation. With all of today’s technology, more of us are doing it. But while 68 percent of women said they were staying connected to the office, just 62 percent of men said they were.

It seems men are willing to make one call more frequently. Twenty percent of the guys admitted they really weren’t ill the last time they called in sick. Just 14 percet of women played hooky.

And while women have made great strides over the last couple of decades, they’re still trying to catch up.

“Women have to leave the workforce to take care of kids a lot times and I think that effects their careers and they are compensating and the data says they are, they are working harder,” says Papas.

And with numbers to support that, hiring managers might start to take notice.

Papas says, “I think they might be surprised when they are reviewing the results, and say OK, women work harder than men, that’s a good thing, and they will think of that the next time they interview a woman.”

Some of the results of this survey may actually be showing up in concrete ways. In most major cities, like Boston for example, young childless women just starting out are now making significantly more than their male counterparts.

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