CARNEGIE (KDKA) — Two people and an infant were injured when shots rang out Saturday afternoon in Carnegie.

According to investigators, the first shots were heard at the Carnegie Towers on Capitol Drive and Beechwood Avenue around 3:15 p.m.

Neighbors say they heard dozens of shots.

“I ran out the door, my neighbor screamed, ‘They’re shooting each other down there, get back into the house,'” said Patrick Cantena, a neighbor.

Authorities have not yet identified the victims, but say one was 25-years-old, the other 20-years-old and the baby was just 1-month-old.

There is no word on their conditions. The baby was reportedly in the backseat of the vehicle.

Following the shooting at Carnegie Towers, authorities say the vehicle the victims were in backed into another car and then fled the scene, ending up a short distance away at a BP gas station on East Main Street.

“What we believe is that the people who were shot, that vehicle backed up, backed into the vehicle that you see crashed, and then fled down to the BP station,” said Chief Jeff Harbin, of the Carnegie Police Department.

Officials say that is where one of the victims collapsed and they were then transported to the hospital for treatment.

“Their wounds were such that they needed to pull over at that time,” Chief Harbin added.

Meanwhile, back at the scene authorities took several people in for questioning in connection with the shooting.

They were reportedly in a green Cadillac that authorities said was part of the crime scene; however, police are still following other leads.

“We are looking for a person, a suspect, and I can’t go into any more detail right now,” Chief Harbin added.

Police say they did find a weapon down the street connected to the case. Meanwhile, Allegheny County police are also involved in the investigation.

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