By Dave Crawley

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Kennywood attractions have come and gone, but some of those vintage rides have a longer shelf life than one might imagine.

“There were things I never saw when I was a young kid. Like the pool was long gone,” antique dealer Bill Antonacceo said.

Antonacceo, of Verona, bought the models four years ago.

“I never met the guy (I purchased the models from) in my life but heard a little bit about him,” Antonacceo said. “(He was) a 90-year old guy, brought the stuff in in garbage bags covered in soot and dust. You know, the old Pittsburgh mill dirt.”

Someone built all 20 pieces and accessories by hand. Antonacceo doesn’t know who but has a pretty good idea of when.

“If you look at some of the pieces, they have dates on them. You know, 1920, 1930,” Antonacceo said. “So we assume, now we can only assume because we don’t know for a fact, but that the guy made a couple of these pieces a year.”

The rides were once propelled by electric motors. The owner admits the model amusement park is a fixer upper.

“This here has all the planes, although it’s in really rough condition, but the right guy could do something with the airplane ride.”

His favorite piece is a vaudeville theater that no longer exists.

“There were things I never saw when I was a young kid. Like the pool was long gone.”

Prospective bidders may visit the gallery, or bid online at prior to the auction Sunday afternoon. The collection is expected to fetch $2,000-$3,000.

“I’ll be happy with whatever it sells for because whoever’s going to buy it means they want it and they’re going to do something with it.”

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