GREENSBURG (KDKA) — The Sutersville man accused of using a flare gun to shoot his wife was back in court today.

Michael Carney, 52, apologized for the shooting.

He pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and related charges in exchange for a prison sentence of two and a half to seven years in jail plus probation.

The shooting, which happened back in February at the couple’s First Avenue home in Sutersville, left Carney’s wife injured. She was grazed on the side of her head and then hit in the abdomen.

Investigators say Carney and his wife were arguing about money before the shooting. He had one arm around their youngest daughter when he pulled out the flare gun.

Police said Carney’s wife suffered burns and bruising. She was treated at a hospital and then later released.

In an emotional six page letter read in court today, Ruth Carney wrote:

“I do not agree with Michael’s plea deal sentencing, but I have chosen to accept it because my children and I have been through enough. The drama and intrusion of a jury trial is in no one’s best interest.

“I do not hate him, but I do not want to be near him. I am afraid of him. I would be a fool not to be. The man tried to kill me.

“Michael, I do not hate you and I have forgiven you, as much for me as for you. I will never understand why you did what you did.”

Ruth Carney also told the judge that she is one class away from completing her degree in criminal justice, and no longer plans to use the degree because of the way she was treated by police and the system in general in this case.

Wife Shot With Flare Gun, Husband Charged (2/16/12)
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