PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A father was so concerned about a school bus driver’s driving that he followed the bus and recorded it on his cellphone.

The dad, who does not want to be identified, said he noticed the bus driving too fast in the parking lot at Carmalt Academy of Science and Technology in Brookline.

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He says a child had to step back in a crosswalk to allow the bus to come through, and he claims the bus ran a stop sign at the end of the parking lot, so he began taping as the bus traveled back to the bus garage.

In the videos posted on YouTube, it appears the bus from Ricketts Transportation runs at least two stop signs.

It also appears the driver didn’t signal when the bus changed lanes.

In another clip, it looks like the bus is speeding. The dad says it was a 35 mile per hour zone, but he pans down to show his speedometer at nearly 60 miles an hour.

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KDKA-TV showed the video to the owner of Ricketts Transportation. Howard Ricketts says he believes brake lights in the one clip show that the bus did stop for the stop sign.

He also explained that the bus may have appeared to be speeding because the buses tires are so large, but the father who did the taping doesn’t buy that. He says he would have run into the back of the bus if the bus hadn’t been going nearly 60 miles an hour as well.

The dad says while no children were on the bus while he taped it, the driving doesn’t instill confidence.

Pittsburgh Public Schools spokesperson Ebony Pugh said the driver of the bus has been suspended.

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