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With Mother’s Day approaching, it’s time to think about gifts for those special moms in your life. Cards and flowers may be traditional, but moms today aren’t. Get her a cool gadget that will fit her lifestyle, in touch and on the go. With so much to choose from in various price ranges, you can’t really go wrong.

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It’s The Thought (Under $50)

Who says you have to spend a fortune to make mom happy? The eMatic eSport Clip,$24.98, is a great multi-use gadget to cover mom’s basic media needs. This handy device can play music, take pictures, record video, read text files and even record voice memos. All that comes in a sporty little package with a low price. What’s not to love?

The Coby Digital Photo Keychain, $10.99, can hold all of mom’s most precious memories wherever she goes. She’ll be extra surprised when she discovers all the pictures you’ve uploaded ahead of time.

The Bracketron Universal USB Power Dock for $29.95 will give a charge to the woman on-the-go. Mom can power up her smartphone and enjoy hands-free access while she carts the kids around or drives to her next business meeting.

eSport Clip – Walmart ($24.98)

Digital Photo Keychain – B & H ($10.99)

Universal USB Power Dock – Bracketron ($29.95)

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Spend A Little More (Under $150)

Maybe you can stretch your budget a little more for the super-athletic mom on your list. The Finis Hydro Tracker GPS, $129.99, can help her with her open-water swimming workout. This multi-function wristwatch captures the course and performance date of the user. She can evaluate her post-swim statistical report and share it (read: show off) via social media.

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Let’s face it, moms have a lot going on. And sometimes they lose things. The Treehouse Labs Bikn, $129.99, helps mom find all that stuff that gets misplaced during the course of a day. Here’s how it works. She places small tags on her keys, purse or anything that might get lost. These tags are wirelessly connected to a special iPhone case that can locate them — and the tagged object — with the click of a button. Mom will never have to worry about losing her keys again!

Lastly, The Audio-Technica ATH-CP500i In-Ear Headphones, $64. These amazing headphones will stay in place no matter what mom is doing.

Hydro Tracker GPS – Finis ($129.99)

Bikn – Treehouse Labs ($129.99)

ATH-CP500i In-Ear Headphones – Comp Source ($64.00)

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The Sky’s The Limit (Over $150)

You only have one mom. So why not go a little crazy? These gifts will put a dent in your wallet, but mom will thank you for it. The Grace Digital Mondo Wi-Fi Music Player, $179, is the alarm clock revolutionized. Of course it connects to your favorite local radio stations, like CBS. But with the help of Wi-Fi, this device can also connect to mom’s favorite online stations, like Pandora or iHeartRadio. She can even wake up to them, and listen while eating the breakfast in bed you’ve prepared.

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New moms probably won’t have the luxury of a leisurely meal. But the Withings Smart Baby Monitor, $229, will at least provide a little peace of mind. This handy device can connect to any Wi-Fi-enabled device for easy access to her precious little one. Mom will always have a front-row seat to see and even speak to her baby. And if that isn’t enough, this awesome gadget also lets her monitor the temperature and humidity of the baby’s surroundings, sending alerts if certain conditions aren’t met.

The PlanOn System Solutions ScanStik, $159.99, will get mom organized in a hurry. She can use it to copy a receipt, an important document or a page from a magazine… in seconds. Later, she can load all her scanned docs right to her computer. Say ‘goodbye’ to the big messy mom purse.

Mondo Wi-Fi Music Player – Amazon ($179.00)

Smart Baby Monitor – Withings ($299.00)

System Solutions ScanStik – PlanOn ($159.99)

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Marshal M. Rosenthal is a technology, gadget and lifestyle writer based on the West Coast.