PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A local college student is dead after a shooting at an after-hours club.

The building that houses that club has been the source of trouble before. It has been closed months before and the victim’s family says enough is enough.

They want the club closed once and for all.

Donte Hawkins had just finished his sophomore year at Clarion University. He won’t see his junior year because Hawkins was shot and killed outside the Trappers Club on Hamilton Avenue on Saturday night.

“He came home, texted me ‘Mom, I’m home,'” Hawkins mother, Monica, said. “He was gonna come over and watch the fight. He said, ‘Mom, I’ll be home.’ And then the next call I got (said) that my son was murdered.”

His grieving family doesn’t know what happened or why, only that a 20-year-old father of a five-month old baby was shot outside an after-hours club that he never should have been allowed to enter.

The Trappers Club used to be the Travelers Social Club and was closed back in 2006 as a nuisance bar. The District Attorney’s office says the new Trappers Club doesn’t appear on their watch list yet, but it is investigating.

The Hawkins family wants more.

“It needs to stop,” Monica said. “This club needs to close, because this is too much violence going on and it needs to stop now.”

“I’m going to do everything in my whole power to see what I can do to shut the ‘Trapper’ down,” Dante’s aunt, Wynona Hawkins-Harper, said.

Hawkins wasn’t the only person shot that night. A second man was shot inside the Trappers Club. He was taken to a local hospital and listed in serious condition.

There’s no update on that condition tonight.

Police are asking for anyone that might have information about those two shootings to contact Pittsburgh Police.

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