PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A local state representative and his fiancée were in court today following their arrests late last week on assault charges.

State Rep. Jake Wheatley, Jr., 40, and Angela Mike, 41, were charged with misdemeanor simple assault and released from jail last Friday.

Police were called to Wheatley’s home on Iowa Street in the city’s Schenley Heights neighborhood on the morning of May 4.

Investigators said Wheatley and Mike were arguing over childcare expenses for their 4-month-old son.

Wheatley is accused of grabbing his fiancée’s arms and pushing her to the floor twice. His fiancée is accused of cutting his knee with a set of keys.

Wheatley and his fiancée arrived in court together – a clear indication that the domestic dispute that brought them to municipal court has been resolved and when they appeared before the judge, that was confirmed.

The charges against Wheatley and his fiancée, an employee of the Pittsburgh Board of Education, are related to an incident at the Hill District home the couple shares. Both had been charged with simple assault.

After going back and forth with the district attorney and private attorneys, when the pair went before the judge, charges against Mike were withdrawn.

As for Wheatley, he will have a 90-day cooling off period and if there are no other incidents between the couple, the charges will be withdrawn.

Wheatley apologized to his constituents after Thursday’s hearing.

“With all sincerity and deepest regret, I’m apologizing to my constituents, my family, to Angela and all of the folk who I represent,” he said. “I’ve always said this – when I come out the house, no longer do I just represent Jake Wheatley, I represent a whole bunch of people that are not seen and for them, this is an unfortunate day.”

“I can’t take it back, but I will do all I can over the next several years to make sure folk know that the real character isn’t the one that they will read about and see on the news today.”

State Rep. Jake Wheatley, Fiancée Released From Jail (5/4/12)
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