BADEN (KDKA) — One person is dead following a house fire in Beaver County.

The flames sparked at a home early this morning in the 400-block of North Avenue in Baden and David Klimkowski, 58, was found dead.

The fire damaged the middle portion of the home.

Firefighters say the man was found on the floor in one of the bedrooms, but it was difficult to get to him.

“There’s an area in the building that the floor had burnt completely through to the basement,” said Chief Dave Trzcianka, of the Baden Fire Department. “I couldn’t get past that coming in the way I did.”

“When they got down there, the middle of the house was all in flames,” added Mike Golovich, a neighbor. “I [saw] them. They brought the guy out and they were working on him in the driveway.”

Rescue crews performed CPR on the man, but he later died at the hospital.

The fire marshal is investigating the cause.

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