MONROEVILLE (KDKA) — Four women and an infant, representing five generations of the same family, gather for a pre-Mothers Day get-together in Monroeville.

Three-week-old Laila came along just in time for Blake Walker to celebrate her first Mother’s Day. That makes Laila’s grandmother, Tia Tarrant, very proud.

Not to mention great grandmother, Debbie Rankin-Haley, and great-great grandmother, Amanda Rowe, who says “They all call me in the morning and say ‘What are you doing?’ I say I’m running around the house.”

“My children call my mother Mommy,” says Rankin-Haley. “My grandchildren call me Mommy. And my husband even mentioned, he said, ‘How do you know when they’re calling?’ I say you can tell by the tone of the voice.”

“There’s not a day that goes by that I’m not speaking with my mother, checking in with her, seeing what she’s doing,” Tarrant says. “So we’re very close. Checking in with my daughter, checking in with my grandmother, seeing what she’s doing. making sure everyone is OK.”

“Me and my mom, our relationship’s better than ever,” Laila’s mother concludes. And me and my grandmother, we stay pretty close.”

Here’s wishing them all a Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy Mother’s Day.”

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