CALIFORNIA, Pa. (KDKA) – The president of California University of Pennsylvania has been fired amid an investigation into spending.

Most of the complaints about spending or overspending were anonymous, but they did prompt an audit back in February.

“I don’t know if I saw this coming, but I definitely saw problems in the system,” Jon Haines, a former CalU student, said.

He told KDKA-TV he transferred to another school when things just didn’t feel right about how President Dr. Angelo Armenti was spending money.

“Instead of finding ways to save money and go back to the traditional model of this university where it was for the lower class individual who was trying to get a degree and move out in the workforce,” says Haines, “we built a giant garage and a new center, more housing, things we really didn’t need.”

Apparently, the State System of Higher Education board of governors had that same feeling. Members fired Armenti Wednesday night.

State Rep. Peter Daley sits on the university’s council of trustees.

“There were certain allegations against President Angelo Armenti in terms of particular spending policies regarding a new convocation center and also there were other personnel issues,” he told KDKA-TV by phone.

The results of the audit have not been released yet, but here’s a rundown of some of the spending:

  • $59 million convocation center that opened last December
  • $125 million to replace old dorms with suite style apartments
  • $20 million in campus parking improvements

Chelsey Salay, who graduated last December, says she thinks there was a lot of overspending.

“I think the convocation center – I heard rumors that it was just because Armenti wanted to leave a legacy,” she said.

State Rep. Daley said the investigation is ongoing.

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