PERRY TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – Nedra Giovannelli and her husband were visiting their daughter in Virginia for Mother’s Day when they got the call that their home on Fayette City Road in Perry Township had been burglarized.

The suspects shattered a window on the Giovannellis’ back porch then stole a jar containing roughly $5,000 in coins and also their daughter’s jewelry.

“Precious things that we had bought her through the years to celebrate special occasions, things that were my mother’s, my grandmother’s, things like that that are irreplaceable that I could never get back again,” she said.

Chad Gibson, 26, of Charleroi, is now facing burglary and related charges.

Police say he also stole a flat screen TV from a home about three miles away on Flatwood Road.

But the burglaries didn’t go as planned. Police say at some point along Route 201 stolen items began falling out of the suspect’s vehicle and unknowing Good Samaritans helped to clean it up.

It wasn’t long before those Good Samaritans realized what was going on and called police who made a quick arrest.

“Ecstatic – very happy,” Giovannelli said. “We commend the police officers and everything. They work so quickly, it’s truly amazing.”

The Giovannelli’s are hoping they may be able to get some of their daughter’s jewelry back now that a suspect has been identified, but know they will never regain their sense of safety in their own home.

“It’s a horrible feeling, I mean they were in our home, touched our personal things, it’s horrible, just absolutely horrible,” she said.

Police say another man who they know only as “Woody” at the moment was also involved in this burglary spree.

Once he is identified, he will be charged as well.

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